Our Professional service technicians can solve any problem with your pool or spa, including:

•Pumps & Motors
•Automatic Cleaners
•Light Fixtures & Bulb Changes
•Deck Equipment & Water Features
•Leak Detection

BlueWater Pools offers all types of swimming pool repair and new equipment installation.  Our technicians will not only make all necessary repairs, they will also give you the best recommendations when it comes to the specific repair or equipment needed to make your pool operate efficiently.

We are a company that prides itself on great customer service and the ability to get the job done right at a fair and competitive price.

Having your swimming pool repairs performed by a highly qualified technician is always recommended.  The proper installation or repair of any pool equipment will help insure your family’s safety and the overall performance of your swimming pool and spa.

Leak Detection and Repair

Most leaks are difficult to locate.  They are rarely visible to the eye, often seeping into the ground unnoticed and undetected.  Our troubleshooting capabilities at BlueWater Pools have rendered tremendous success in locating and repairing above and below ground leaks.

New Equipment Installation

We sell and install all types of new equipment including:

•Pumps & Motors
•Automatic Cleaners
•Electric Light Systems
•Automatic Controllers / Chemical Feeders
•Salt Water Systems
•Handrails / Ladders

Please visit our showroom for ideas and selections on equipment, tile, coping, plaster, and decking.

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